The romance of the rugged North West Frontier of India comes alive at this authentic restaurant , making it a landmark dining destination in tricity.Baithak Chandigh, one of the tricity’s best ‘ethnic-Indian’ restaurant with modern progressive food, has earned itself credit for not only being consistent in quality but not giving into gimmicks. The decor reminds you of an old time restaurant.The key feature on the itinerary of practically every visitor to the tricity, Baithak recreates the charm of the traditions with its delicious menu. The true delight lies in the food. Unlike other Indian restaurants in the city, the menu in Baithak is precise.The snacks served here are lip-smacking. If you are looking for a place to treat visiting relatives, especially the NRI kinds, Baithak makes for a good choice.

Spears of the Barrows

The scent of indian traditions and timeles flavours.

Brilliant Sceptre

Where time slows down.

Stones of the Stone

For a beautiful time pick your pint of choice at haveli.

Devil and Spirit

Artsy decor and hearty delicacies.

Teethes of the Adept

Unmatched beauty and unrivalled charm.

Horses of Skull

The sense of warmth that makes you feel comfortable.

Where Time Slows Down

For a beautiful time pick your pint of choice at haveli.

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